Farmers keep eye to the sky for spring rains

Farmers keep eye to the sky for spring rains

PEMBERVILLE, OH (WTOL) - It's been a touch and go growing season for area farmers.

Some have been able to get out and plant their corn and beans.

For others, like Roger Burtchin of Pemberville, their tractors are sitting idle.

He hasn't been able to enter his muddy fields because of recent spring rains.

Other fields haven't been soaked, allowing some of Mr. Burtchin's neighbors to plant three quarters of their crops.

As always for farmers, it's all about location.

"Usually this time of the year everybody wants a week to ten days of dry weather to get everything in the ground. Then once that's accomplished you want some of those light rains to get everything up and growing good," said Burtchin.

Farmers like Mr. Burtchin are keeping an eye on weather conditions in Missouri, Arkansas and Southern Illinois.

Those areas have been pummeled recently by flooding.

More rain is in the forecast.

That could wipe out corn and beans there affecting crop prices in our area.

"Unfortunately it's agriculture. When somebody gets hurt, then others may be the beneficiary of their problems," said Burtchin.

And that's why it's urgent to get into the fields as soon as possible.

Right now, local corn prices are down.

"It's bad for those guys but if it takes in a big enough area, a spike in the market for us is an opportunity to sell some corn because corn prices have been terrible all year,' said Burtchin.

Mr. Burtchin has circled May 10th on his calender.

Anything planted after that date will result in a yield loss and effect his profit margin.

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