Protecting your basement from water damage ahead of weekend storms

Protecting your basement from water damage ahead of weekend storms

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With rain expected to fall throughout the weekend, some are working to prevent a flooded basement.

With raind rops falling in Toledo on Friday, AAA Standard Services is preparing for the influx of calls dealing with flooded basements and water damage.

"It's what we do on a daily basis," said Stephen Johnson, president of AAA Standard Services. "We do the extraction, the disinfecting, and the dry out of the structure."

Lindsay Webb of Toledo City Council warned her constituents of the weather and hopes they'll report incidents of flooding to Engage Toledo by calling 419-936-2020. Those reports could bring funding to your neighborhood.

"They can call in and give their address about the basement flooding or the flooding on the street,"said Lindsay Webb, a council member. "The
city maps that and they use a G.I.S. data mapping system and they use that to determine what repairs need to be made and where."

Professionals say there are ways to protect your home against flooding and water damage. Some of that starts outside your home.

"First thing I would think is check your eavestroughs to make sure that there's no leaves and debris that are plugging up your downspout," said Stephen Johnson of AAA Standard Services. "Secondly, make sure that the downspouts are connected to the eavestroughs and that the water would be flowing away from the foundation of your home."

To prevent flooding on your street you should also make sure your storm sewer is clear of water and leaves.

Another place professionals suggest you look to prevent flooding at your home in inside, in your basement.

"Check the perimeter walls of the basement to see if there is any moisture wicking from the foundation walls," explained Johnson. "Check
the sump pump, if the sump pump level is lower than what the sump pump is."

They also recommend you keep valuable items like pictures off the ground.

If you do end up with a flooded basement, professionals say you should lift your furniture off the ground and either call for help or find a way to remove the moisture from your home to prevent further damage.

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