Packer Creek pottery opening new gallery in Perrysburg

Packer Creek pottery opening new gallery in Perrysburg

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Downtown Perrysburg has a new business opening on Monday, and you may be familiar with it if you've ever visited Genoa.

Packer Creek Pottery is expanding into Perrysburg.

The larger Genoa gallery will still be open, but the popular pottery will be made in Genoa and transported to Perrysburg for sale.

"The community is wonderful. The people are wonderful. Seems like it has a vibrant downtown. Lots of restaurants and shops. We thought it would be a good fit," said Packer Creek Pottery owner Julie Harbal.

Harbal took over the gallery from original owner Jan Pugh, who opened it in 1979. Not much has changed.

Harbal's goal is to carry on Jan's legacy and passion for pottery using fifteen potters who trained under Ms. Pugh.

"I started working for Jan when I was fourteen years old in high school., then college," Harbal said. "Always stayed in touch with her over the years. She was ready to retire 3-4 years ago and I was ready for a new adventure."

Packer Creek Pottery is located on Louisiana Avenue at Perry's Landing across from  The Way Library.

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