East Toledo neighbors calling for action against tire dumping

East Toledo neighbors calling for action against tire dumping
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - An east Toledo neighborhood has been plagued with tire dumping.

Kenneth Thomas lives next to a site where dozens of tires have been dropped off at all hours of the night.

"It's unnecessary, it shouldn't be done at all, period," Thomas said. 'It's uncalled for, it's just nasty. There's tires down by my yard down there, it's just a mess. I've got kids that come down here, and I can't even bring them out and play on their bikes and stuff."

Some neighbors say they have seen dumping from backyard mechanics, resale shops and even driver who just bought new tires.

"They'll take those tires after they've been changed, or they'll take the new tires home, change them themselves and then dispose of them either in an alley in a vacant lot, or even take it out to a park," said East Toledo Block Watch Leader Dave Shull,

Most places will change customers $5 a tire to take them after they have been changed. Neighbors say they want that charge to change.

"I'll definitely help clean up," Thomas said. "I just want them to be gone, I don't know where they can go but I want them to be gone and just cleared out,"

City leaders say they hear the cries of residents and are making tire dumping a priority.

A d rop off day is scheduled Saturday at Woodsdale Park. Residents can bring and d rop off up to 10 tires on or off the rim for free.

There will be collection events throughout the year, where the city will accept trash, tires and other unnecessary items. Household chemicals will only be collected at council-sponsored events.

  • April 29 – Woodsdale Park, 1250 Woodsdale Park Dr. (Councilman Cherry)
  • May 13 – Eleanor Kahle Senior Center, 1315 Hillcrest
  • May 20 – Rogers High School, 222 McTigue
  • June 10 – Waite High School, 301 Morrison (Councilman Ujvagi)
  • June 24 – Scott High School, 2400 Collingwood
  • July 8 – Keyser Elementary School, 3900 Hill Ave. (Councilman Riley)
  • July 22 – Manhattan Plaza, 525-701 E. Manhattan Blvd. (Councilwoman Harper)
  • August 12 – Deveaux School, 2620 W. Sylvania
  • August 26 – Larchmont Elementary School, 1515 Slater
  • Sept. 9 – Good Shepherd Church, 3934 W. Laskey Rd. (Councilman Waniewski)
  • September 23 – Friendship Park, 2930 131st St. (Councilwoman Webb)

There will also be free dump days at the Hoffman Road Landfill on June 3, July 8, September 9 and November 25.

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