City of Toledo brings in large pumps for weekend storms

City of Toledo brings in large pumps for weekend storms

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo has not seen widespread street flooding this spring, but that luck could run out this weekend. And that's why the city brought something in to save neighborhoods from a flooding nightmare.

A portable pump, one of ten that the city can use in a moment's notice, will be put into use at a usual trouble spot, Middlesex and Ilger Saturday.

It is already in place in a storm drain, ready to pump water out if it gets overwhelmed with rain. The water will travel into the pump, through a long hose and into Peterson Ditch.

Karen Jones, a resident at Georgetown Village apartments, is glad the pump is ready to go.

"Yes, it worked before. Had no trouble or nothing like that, with it," Jones said. "You don't have to worry about water being all the way up to your know or anything like that."

City leaders say they are not overly concerned about widespread flooding this weekend, but they have eight other pumps that are not already assigned and can be moved wherever they are needed.

"It keeps the water moving rather than flowing back into people's basements and so on," said city spokesperson Janet Schroeder.

City officials stress if you see a drain that is clogged with grass clippings or leaves, clear it out. It could keep you or your neighbor dry.

The city is also warning people who live in flood-prone areas to do some prep work in their basement. Pick things like valuable family photo albums off the floor and once the rain kicks in, check your sump pump to make sure it kicks on.

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