Final jury selected for Ray Abou Arab trial

Final jury selected for Ray Abou Arab trial

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The attorneys in the case state's case against Ray Abou Arab selected the final 12 jurors who will hear the case, along with four alternates.

Abou Arab is accused of setting a fire that killed two Toledo firefighters.

Twenty-four jurors were questioned about their schedules, if they have any firefighters or members of law enforcement in their families and if they've ever been involved in a crime. These questions were asked to make sure the jury is fair on the case.

The prosecuting attorney, Rob Miller began briefing the jury on the case and the process of the trial after the questioning.

"Very important process for the Toledo Fire Department, Police Department, Lucas County Prosecutors Office and even for the defendant, Ray Abou Arab," said Miller.

In the end 12 women and four men were selected. They do not know who among them will be an alternate to ensure all 16 will pay attention to the case.

The jury was then loaded up onto a bus and taken to the sight of the fire. A member of Judge Cook's staff pointed out where security cameras were located and where the apartment complex once stood.

When they arrived back at the courthouse, the jury heard opening statements from each side.

The prosecution told the jury they intend to prove Abou Arab started the fire with gasoline in a juice bottle into the garage of the apartments.

Meanwhile the defense said mistakes by the fire department led to deaths of Steve Machcinski and Jamie Dickman, and that their client remained cooperative with authorities.

The family of Abou Arab, along with those of the two fire firefighters, were in the courtroom to hear opening statements and plan to do so for the entire trial.

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