Copy-4,700 Ohio-licensed educators missing in fingerprint system


Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - About 4,700 Ohio-licensed grade-school educators are missing from the fingerprinting system used to red-flag any new criminal charges against them, so they're being asked to get fresh fingerprinting voluntarily while officials seek to fix a loophole that led to the problem.

The Ohio Department of Education says at least 1,200 of those currently work in public schools.

State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria says the issue surfaced before the current school year. He says the Department of Education has been checking the Ohio Court Network to make sure none of the educators in question has a noteworthy criminal case that merits notifying their employers. He says no such instance has been found.

He says the issue involves educators such as teachers and coaches dropped from the tracking system because their licensure lapsed.

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