Sight Centers hosts 'Dining in the Dark' gala

Sight Centers hosts 'Dining in the Dark' gala
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Dozens of people had the chance to take part in a unique dinner experience Wednesday to raise money and awareness for blindness.

The Sight Center of Northwest Ohio hosted the 6th Annual Dining in the Dark gala.

Guests enjoyed a fine dinner in simulated darkness.

Organizers say it is a way to help people understand what the blind go through on a daily basis.

"We like to say put this blindfold on, let us show you a couple tips and tricks and show you its not a scary thing," said executive director Stacey Butts. "Its not obviously what its like to be totally blind; its definitely just a glimpse into what its like for someone to lose their vision."

Money raised at the dinner will benefit the Sight Center.

WTOL's Chris Vickers served as the evening's emcee.

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