Councilman Riley praises community policing

Councilman Riley praises community policing
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo City Councilman Tyrone Riley hosted a meeting to raise awareness in the community of TPD's STOP program.

The STOP program encourages officers to interact more closely with the community with the residents in the community they help protect.

Councilman Riley says the program is imperative to help grow Toledo neighborhoods.

"If you don't address crime, the people move out of the neighborhood. They move some place else," Councilman Riley said. "We don't want people to move. We want stay in their neighborhood. We want them to have pride and love living where they are."

Police say the STOP program has had great success over the past six weeks. They hope to continue that momentum to make Toledo a safe city.

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