Toledo area humane society working to neuter stray cats

Toledo area humane society working to neuter stray cats

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Area Humane Society is working to take 750 stray cats off the streets, bring them into the shelter and have them spayed or neutered with a new $30,000 gr ant.

The gr ant money is from PetSmart Charities.

The Humane Society has limited this to the three ZIP codes they get the most stray cats from: 43605, 43609, and 43537.

"We're really targeting people that either can't afford to have them done or if they know community cats in their area they can bring them to us and we can get them done," said President and CEO, Stephen Heaven.

With these surgeries, they're hoping to prevent these cats from unnecessarily reproducing, and, hopefully increase quality of care for cats that are.

Heaven says this is the perfect time of year to get this money.

"Cats will breed as long as the weather is warm so as soon as they've had a litter they can come back in to the heat," said Heaven.

Although 750 cats may not seem like a lot compared to the 3.4 million entering shelters across the country each year. Heaven says it starts with just one.

"Say a cat has a litter of six, then those six grow up then you could have another six litters so it just increases exponentially," said Heaven.

Heaven says hopefully over the next few years they will see a reduction of stray kittens coming into the shelter.

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