Germ zapping robot joins the staff at a local hospital

Germ zapping robot joins the staff at a local hospital

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Most people who go to the hospital to heal are unaware of the germs that they can pick up during their visit. But a new piece of technology at a local hospital is protecting you from those germs by killing them on the spot.

The ultra-violet C light from the Light Strike robot will kill any bacteria, viruses or germs that it can touch that may be left behind in a patients room.

"Each room requires two five minute cycles here at St. Luke's. Each machine runs roughly 800 cycles per bulb then we replace the bulb and put a new one in," said Scott Young, Business Development Manager, Xenex.

The Light Strike robot disinfects a patient room, operating room or emergency department or any room with a door by blasting light.

Any surface the light can touch, it will break through the cell wall of the bacteria or virus at a microscopic level, which deactivates the DNA and RNA of the cell.

"To clean the cells, the cells are still there," Young said. "They're just dead and can't reactivate and spread to the next patient in the next room."

Some bacteria and viruses are harder to get rid of, but MRSA, C. Diff and E-coli don't stand a chance against the Germ Zapper.

The head of patient care services at St. Luke's says this new team member will help them prevent infections in not just patients, but staff too.

One of these robots costs roughly $100,000, but developers said to treat someone who may contract a deadly bacteria or virus is much more than the cost of this machine.

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