Toledo Zoo adds new security measures

Toledo Zoo adds new security measures

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Earlier this week, Cedar Point announced they will be adding metal detectors to the park to ensure security.

Wherever there are families present, security is always a priority.

Shannon Heinemann brought her son to the Toledo Zoo Wednesday. She is a member and visits the zoo a couple times a month. She says as a visitor, safety is never a concern for her.

"I think it's perfectly safe. I love bringing my family here. I've never felt unsafe," Heinemann said.

More than a million people visit the zoo each year and you may not even know it, but security says you are well protected. The zoo has implemented a couple new security measures.

One is a mobile unit that patrols the grounds 24-7.

"We patrol our service drives, our parking lots, our entire perimeter. We also patrol through Walbridge Park and Harvard Terrace, providing not only good customer service to our patrons here, but also our neighbors," said Assistant Director of Security, Regina Lester.

A bike patrol unit was also implemented at the end of last year.

"Each bike unit has a medic pack on it. It gives us a more efficient way and effective way of responding to calls for service and just being more visible," said Lester.

About two years ago, the zoo got a digital security camera system. They add new cameras every year. There is about 200 of them now scattered across the grounds.

"We also have an access control system that we implemented last year and we're continuing to roll that out. Along with an intrusion system and holdup system," Lester added.

The zoo says at this point there is not a need for metal detectors and the security team wants to protect folks, but not be overbearing. Guests say they prefer it that way.

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