New Metropark a big part of plans to revitalize Marina District

New Metropark a big part of plans to revitalize Marina District
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A three-phase Metropark will be built to revitalize the riverfront as part of the big development project of the Marina District.

The public will get the chance to decide what will go there.

The new Metropark will be located just north of the retail and residential development.

The views are great, but the grass is high and the land has deep ruts.

The good news is, that won't last for much longer.

The Metroparks hope to begin construction there by next spring.

The park doesn't have a name yet but it could become a hot spot for Toledoans or visitors from out of town.

The Metroparks board approved the hiring of the same firm that designed the new Middlegrounds Metropark.

The Metroparks will buy 53 acres at the Marina District from ProMedica, with the first phase totaling 21 acres.

"We know for sure there's going to be a lot of the basic building blocks that you would expect from Metroparks. There's going to be a great trail system, there's going to be natural areas. We're going to connect you to the river in different ways," said Dave Zenk, the Executive Director of the Toledo Metroparks.

Former Toledo mayor Carty Finkbeiner is excited that progress is will finally be made there.

"Now we have maybe the granddaddy of them all in this announcement," said Finkbeiner

In his third term, he worked with this same developer, Frank Kass, to revitalize the Marina District.

But the economy had started to fall apart.

"We were hit by all the automobile woes and the mortgage foreclosure problems in '07 and '08 and that was not a time when Frank was willing to be, I'll say bold and generous, with his own money and we didn't have ProMedica locally," Finkbeiner said.

The Metroparks board will met on June 21 at the East Toledo Family Center, where they'll share their vision for the park and take the public's suggestions on what they would like to see in that location.

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