Toledo Police seize over $2.4 million worth of illegal drugs and more in a year

Toledo Police seize over $2.4 million worth of illegal drugs and more in a year

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A huge amount of drugs and illegal guns are off our streets now thanks to Toledo Police Officer's efforts so far this year.

By using the latest technology, TPD has been able to find where gangs and drug dealers are operating. Over $2.4 million worth of illegal drugs have been taken of the streets in the first 4 months of 2017.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral said its more than dollar signs and drugs seized, it's lives saved.

"$600,000 worth of heroin and we all know the opioid epidemic that this city and this county is facing right now, we really can't put in to words how many lives are still, how many people are still with us right now, because of this dedicated work," said Kral.

Marijuana makes up more than a third of the total.

In addition to the drugs, 452 guns are now in the hands of police as well.

Kral said that most of the time drugs and guns go hand in hand.

"It's not just gun locks, it's not just education in the schools, it's the officers on the street everyday putting their lives on the line and putting themselves in harms way to get these dangerous guns off the street."

And after a detective makes a big seizure, Kral makes sure they hear from him.

"Their eyes are brighter they've got a big smile on their face because they know they're making a difference in this community, and that's all that matters," Kral said.

Along with TPD, police say the community has been helpful in making an impact as well.

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