Lawsuit demands EPA declare Lake Erie impaired

Lawsuit demands EPA declare Lake Erie impaired
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The fight to have Lake Erie declared impaired in Ohio is going to court.

Several environmental groups in both Ohio and Michigan have filed suit against the US EPA.

The groups allege the agency is not doing enough to protect the lake from toxic algae. They say the lake needs to be declared impaired to get the help it needs.

However, the EPA disagree declaring the lake impaired would make a significant difference.

"Our concern is if the lake was designated, it really wouldn't cause any different type of action to happen other than what we are currently putting in place," said Karl Gebhardt of the Ohio EPA.

However, Sandy Bihn says the lake needs to declaration to ensure the lake will be protected.

"So it takes a structure like the Clean Water Act, the impaired status, and the assessment that requires, to track progress or the lack thereof," Bihn said.

The lawsuit is demanding the EPA take action under the Clean Water Act.

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