Lawyer Kurt Young takes vacant city council seat

Lawyer Kurt Young takes vacant city council seat

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Council members elected Democrat Kurt Young, a lawyer in Toledo, Tuesday at a special meeting to fill Theresa Gabriel's vacant seat.

The at-large seat has sat vacant for the last three weeks after Gabriel went to work for the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Councilman Young says, with only an eight-month term, he wants to make an impact right away.

"We need people to serve, this council needs to have a variety of voices on it and I am happy to be one of them now," Councilman Young said.

Young was the last one standing after, candidates for the open seat got three minutes at the podium to speak to sitting city council members.

All applicants had different reasons to run, including issues with the budget and cleaning up the streets. The group included WSPD radio host Scott Sands and Martin Luther King Kitchen For the Poor Director Harvey Savage Jr.

Once all the candidates had a chance to speak, council members took turns nominating candidates they felt fit the bill.

Council member nominated five applicants, ending with a majority vote for Kurt Young.

"I've worked with Libertarians, I've worked with Greens, I've worked with Republicans, I've worked with Independents, my job is to help people keep their rights," Councilman Young said. "And I want to be known for that for everything I do on council.".

Young was sworn in and took his seat immediately after being elected. His term will last until the end of December, but he says he plans on running for re-election.

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