Money Talks News: What not to buy new

Money Talks News - There are many things that you should always buy new like cribs, helmets, laptops and mattresses.

But think of all the dollars you could save if you buy more things used.

Of course, buying items new is more convenient and it is easier to find what you are looking for, but buying used can save you thousands on more expensive items.

At the top of the list of things you should buy used is cars. Not only does buying a used car save you thousands, but you can pay less for insurance.

The same rules apply for houses. Of course houses are nice new, but buying a pre-owned house can get you a lot more for a lot less. You will also be able to negotiate a deal to save you even more.

Books are also a great used item. You can go to any used bookstore or head online and buy the book you're craving to read at half the price. Or you can head to your local library and check out that book for free.

How about timeshares? Buy a new timeshare costs way more than buying it from a owner desperate to sell it. You can usually get it for pennies on the dollar.

Also think about buying your boats and RVs used. If you do buy it new, you will find they are incredibly expensive and depreciate rapidly. The advantage of buying used is the owner likely might not have used it much.

Sporting gear are another great purchase used. Think weights, golf clubs, and tennis racquets.

Bottom line is while buying new may be nice and is more convenient, there is more money to be saved when you buy used.

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