Woman who walked around the earth hosts Komen's "Power of Promise"

Woman who walked around the earth hosts Komen's "Power of Promise"

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio hosted its 24th annual "Power of the Promise" fundraiser Thursday night at the Premier in south Toledo.

This year the speaker of the night was Polly Letofsky, the first American woman to walk around the world raising money and awareness about breast cancer.

"Hearing from Polly is unlike hearing from anyone else from Northwest Ohio because of her travels. Her presentation is full of laughter, joy and inspiration," said Desmond Strooh, the marketing and communications manager of Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio.

Letofsky walked 15,000 miles across 22 countries in five years. She did it all for breast cancer awareness.

"The message is you can take a single step that seems so insignificant, but when those little steps are chained together, they can become so powerful," Letofsky said. "They can serve your transportation around the world and the message is good for us in our personal and business lives and of course if you're fighting a life threatening disease."

Letofsky is authored the book Three Miles an Hour about her journey.

According to Strooh, this fundraiser is unlike the rest the organization has through out the year, as it's their most formal event.

This is also the event where Komen Northwest Ohio announces who all of their 2017- 2018 grantees are which include: Blanchard Valley Health System, Center for Appalachia Research in Cancer Education, Firelands Regional Medical Center and Cancer Services of Erie County, Hospital Council of Northwest Ohio, Mercy Health Partners – Northern Division, ProMedica Cancer Institute, and the University of Toledo Health Science Campus.

For more information, head to the Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio website.

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