What to do in assault situations

What to do in assault situations

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In the wake of two recent assault accusations, police say women need to know what to do in similar situations.

Multiple women claimed to have been assaulted by Joseph Jones.

Weeks later, another told police Jones rubbed her feet and hands at a Bowling Green Meijer.

Police say there may be more victims who have encounters Jones but did not file police reports.

Toledo police's Lt. Joe Heffernan says if a woman is ever put in a similar position, there are steps she can take to protect herself.

"Look them straight in the eye tell them you don't know them, and you don't want to talk to them," Lt. Heffernan said. "If they're persistent, then bring attention to yourself."

If the problem persists, Lt. Heffernan says even acting like you are calling 911 often will cause them to leave you alone.  However, sometimes self defense is necessary.

"Some punching, some kicking, or even biting. Biting actually works very well if somebody is grabbing you with their arm around you head, neck, area," Lt. Heffernan said. "It leaves an indentation in the arm."

Lt. Heffernan says the indention can help identify the perpetrator.

Police also encourage women to always fill out a police report if they feel they have been assaulted.

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