Findlay looking into splitting up administration position into two jobs

Findlay looking into splitting up administration position into two jobs

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The city of Findlay is looking into reorganization at the top of the administration. Officials say the need for change shows a sign of improvement for the city.

The position of Safety Service Director in Findlay oversees both the police and fire departments and the engineering services in the city.

City administration believes it's time to split up those responsibilities into two  positions

In 2012, Mayor Lydia Mihalik officially combined the positions of Director of Public Services and Director of Safety into one position as an efficiency and cost saving measure.

Five years later, the administration believes the separate positions could be reinstated.

"And I think this is really just a redistribution of duties to the same personnel that we have. So it's not going to cost us any more money," said Mayor Lydia Mihalik.

Paul Schmelzer would remain Director of Safety, while city engineer Bryan Thomas would take on the Director of Public Services role.

Five years ago, the city was struggling to pass a budget, but now Mayor Lydia Mihalik and Paul Schelzer feel they could benefit from having two administrators focusing on two vital parts of the city government.

"So, it's time to split up the workload a little bit and put that public works function under the engineering department and focus more on the safety side," said Schmelzer.

City Council will review the proposal before decided on separating the position.

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