Lucas County Sheriff's Office moves into Toledo Express Airport

Lucas County Sheriff's Office moves into Toledo Express Airport
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Law enforcement is taking a new look in one important part of Lucas County that you may see the next time you get out of town.

Toledo Express Airport isn't just for traveling anymore. The Lucas County Sheriff's Office has moved one of its substations there, to better serve Western Lucas County.

For about 15 years, the sheriff's office maintained a substation at the Springfield Township building on Angola Road. In January, they moved their 28 deputies, sergeants and a Lieutenant over to Toledo Express.

It was not to get closer to air travel, but to better reach the people who live in western portions of the County.

Sheriff John Tharp said the Route 2 to State Route 295 region, west of Toledo, is one of the biggest areas they patrol, investigating crimes and other incidents for towns that don't have their own police force. Deputies leaving from the airport will be able to get to someone in need more quickly.

The move could also bring cost savings to the county and taxpayers. The squad room and property rooms are a little cramped compared to the former substation, but there's now less overhead.

"It's not like Barney Miller, where guys are sitting around in a squad room for any amount of time. When the guys are there, they're really there for just whatever administrative purposes they have, log onto the computers, log onto their body cams, and then they're in their cars," said Lt. Matt Leuttke, who has an office at the new substation.

The sheriff's office also operates substations in Monclova Township and Jerusalem Township.

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