Think Fast: What to do in 5 emergency situations

Think Fast: What to do in 5 emergency situations

(WTOL) - Sometimes in life you're forced to make a decision in seconds that could change everything in your future. Our "Think Fast" series is here to help you plan ahead for scenarios you may never want to - but might have to - face.

An intruder is in your home. Run, Hide, or attack? How to react in the seconds that can mean life or death. Hear one woman's chilling experience with strangers in her home and what she wants to warn you.

Tire Blowout

It's one of the leading causes of injury accidents. If your blows out on the highway, know what three life-saving actions you need to make in the first 30 seconds.

A missing child. It's one of your biggest fears as a parent. Chances are, you've lost sight of your child at least once, and you know that sinking feeling. Hear the number one myth that could end up keeping you from ever seeing your child again.


Suddenly you or someone around you is choking. Acting fast could save your life or another - See the four things you need to know when those minutes count.

Toledo police say it happens more often than you think. Find out the most important thing to know if you're getting robbed at an ATM Machine.

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