Mercy Hospital takes on bike safety

Mercy Hospital takes on bike safety

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Preventing kids from showing up in the emergency room is the idea behind a new trauma outreach education program.

Kindergartens at Crissey Elementary School learned about the importance of wearing a helmet when they ride their bike through a very unique experiment Monday.

The Bike Safety Program by Mercy Health aims to get down on kids level to start teaching them about bike safety.

"It's very important at this age for our kindergarten friends," said Kim Hohlbein, kindergarten teacher at Crissey Elementary. "A lot of them are just learning how to ride bikes, two-wheelers. They're taking the training wheels off. So it's very important we learn about bike safety this time of year."

Using an egg to show these students what can happen when they don't wear a helmet is one aspect of the program.

"The kids talk about that and I see them at the end of May," said Nicole Knepper of Trauma and Burn Outreach Education at Mercy Health. "They've told their parents about it and how they don't want to be like that egg. I think that visual kind of sticks."

The kids watched a video and were shown how to properly wear a helmet.

The program also goes to elementary schools in Toledo and Washington local school districts.

Each student will color a picture related to bike safety and be entered into a coloring contest.

A winner from each class will be selected and head to a ceremony at Mercy St. Vincent's Hospital.

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