Jury selection begins in Abou Arab murder case

Jury selection begins in Abou Arab murder case

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Jury selection has begun for a high-profile murder case in Lucas County Common Pleas Court.

Ray Abou Arab is accused of starting the fire that killed two Toledo firefighters in 2014.

Lucas County summoned 125 people to the court to start the selection process Monday morning, a much larger group than usual.

In all, 43 potential jurors were questioned Monday.

One by one they are questioned by a judge about this case to see if they can be deemed a fair juror.

Choosing a jury for Abou Arab's trial will prove difficult because of all the attention this case has received over the past three years.

It has been a slow process, but the court has to be very cautious in choosing a fair jury. This is why potential jurors are being questioned individually instead of in a group.

Attorneys want to make sure potential jurors don't have any health conditions or scheduling conflicts that would affect their participation on the jury.

Attorneys also want to know how much news potential jurors watch and how much they know about the case.

Questions about Abou Arab's Lebanese background and Muslim religious beliefs have also come into play during this selection process.

The jury will not be sequestered meaning they will be able to go home each night.

Attorneys for both sides will continue to questions potential jurors Tuesday. Jury selection could last for several more days.

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