WATCH LIVE: Nestlings quickly growing on BG Falcon Cam

WATCH LIVE: Nestlings quickly growing on BG Falcon Cam

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The Falcon Cam at Bowling Green State University got a whole lot cuter recently.

All four eggs inside the BG Clock Tower have hatched! The furry babies continue to be kept warm by mama bird. But the little peregrine falcons are growing like crazy!

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Viewers can also watch her feed the little nestlings periodically.

The Falcon Cam was started seven years ago by BGSU and the Wood County Commissioners.

"The falcons just arrived, and people began to see them around the courthouse clock tower," said Wood County Administrator Andrew Kalmar. "We would have little groups of people standing around watching. And finally someone came up to our office and said, 'Hey do you know you have falcons?'"

Then came a nesting box to encourage the falcons to come back to Bowling Green. Now people from around the world get to watch the miracle of life begin every year.

"It was an obvious tie for us with Wood County, with our mascot being peregrine falcons," said BGSU spokesperson Dave Kielmeyer. "So we're glad to partner with Wood County."

Nestlings eat an incredible amount of food and can double their weight in only six days! So far, the gender of the young falcons is unknown. That will come when they are about three weeks old.

As for flying, that won't happen for more than a month.

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