40 years ago today: The "King" makes final visit to Toledo

40 years ago today: The "King" makes final visit to Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It was 40 years ago on this day, April 23rd, 1977 that  The "King", Elvis Presley, performed for the last time in Toledo.

It was his last appearance in the Glass City before his untimely death just 4 months later.

Elvis had performed in Toledo on several prior occasions, and with great reviews.

He was said to have enjoyed Toledo audiences and this concert was special for Elvis.

The show was part of a comeback tour, in which he had set out to prove that the aging rock legend still had the 'stuff" to command big crowds and hit the high notes of fame.

In Toledo, like always, he drew another big crowd, a sell-out of over 9,300 at Centennial Hall (now Savage Arena) on the UT campus on a Saturday night.

He came out on stage that night wearing his signature Las Vegasesque white jumpsuit looking familiar, but a slightly pudgier rendition of the 1950's Elvis who first performed at the Toledo Sports Arena in the 1950's.

One reviewer said his attempts at reprising some of his infamous sexy leg and hip moves were awkward, but that his singing was more flexible than his body and  was still "creditable".

There were times though when he fumbled a lyric or a line and mumbled his way through.

The crowd, however, seemed pleased with what they heard that night. They clapped, they cheered, they screamed - and for most them, it was the last time they would ever hear Elvis perform  in a "live" concert.

Elvis returned to Graceland a few weeks later, and at his "Graceland" home in Memphis, while preparing for another midwestern tour, that summer, the 42 year old legend died of a heart attack.

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