Earth Day inspires kayakers to help clean up Swan Creek

Earth Day inspires kayakers to help clean up Swan Creek

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Saturday was Earth Day across the world.

In Toledo, a group of adventurous kayakers set out on a mission to clean up Swan Creek.

They're members of the Northwest Ohio River Runners.

The kayakers launched from the Erie Street Market and soon learned you'll never know what you'll find along Swan Creek, like a basketball.

"And it's kind of nice paddling up there. Doesn't seem like you're in the city until you see all the trash up and down the banks and by the logs," said Monty Thornton.

Swan Creek runs through the heart of Toledo.

The kayakers paddled upstream several miles and back.

Decades ago, you could actually swim here.

Today it's polluted and a target for midnight dumpers.

"There's still more clean up that could be done here if folks in the city would do more along the shore and along the hills leading into Swan Creek," said Christine Senack.

The kayakers made a good but small haul.

Besides the basketball, they fished out a bowling ball, frying pan and tire.

"It's always a good day to be on the water and it's even a better day when you can make the water look better than when you came to it," said kayaker Kathy Morse.

And the hope of these kayakers is that we can become more environmentally aware and make every day Earth Day.

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