Survey says Bowling Green residents want new high school

Survey says Bowling Green residents want new high school
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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Residents in Bowling Green have made their voices heard: they are willing to pay more to upgrade the district's schools.

Bowling Green schools sent out a survey to the community on whether residents will pay more into the district's school for improvement.

After getting the results, the district says they can move forward with the process.

The most popular option was building a brand new high school and consolidating the elementary schools into one school. Renovating the existing schools was not far behind.

Only eight percent of those responding said they wanted to leave the schools as they are.

Superintendent Francis Scruci says the community knows the buildings need to be updated, but renovations may not be enough.

"People will walk in and say, 'Where did you spend $24 million dollars because I don't see the classrooms,'" Scruci said. "Changing the labs are still going to be the same, it's not like anything inside the classroom is changing."

Scruci says many residents who responded to the survey said it is important the district keep up.

"We're losing people to other districts. Teachers that live here and work in other districts. They're saying, 'Yeah you're losing some families because of the facility piece alone,'" Scruci explained.

To build two new schools, a owner of a $100,000 home will have to pay $280. But Scruci said the new schools could help the overall property values in Bowling Green.

"Property values are somewhat driven by your schools. And if you have good schools, then you're going to have good property values," Scruci said.

The school board will soon discuss a plan to move forward with the necessary updates. The earliest the possible levies could be on the ballot is November.

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