Retired fire truck receives new life as educational tool

Retired fire truck receives new life as educational tool
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Six people, including one child, have been killed fatal fires in Toledo so far in 2017.

The fire department is redoubling their efforts to prevent further tragedies.

The Toledo Fire Department has a truck unlike the rest in their fleet. The rig features pictures and messages of safety on every panel.

Before, the truck made hundreds of runs to fires. Now, the truck serves as an educational too for school children, block watch groups and seniors.

"I think it's an attention getter. It kind of sets the tone for what we are trying to accomplish. Kids will naturally be drawn to it," said Toledo Chief Luis Santiago

The truck was once a backup for the department and was headed to the department. But after a $5,000 investment with local businesses helping to pitch in, the "new" truck can serve a higher purpose.

"It's a tired piece of apparatus that has served us for quite some time," Chief Santiago said. "It has 166,000 miles on it. We did a paint, job put some messages on it, and it will serve an additional purpose so it's good

TFD plans on taking the rig to different community events throughout the community this weekend.

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