Man accused in foot-fetish assaults indicted on new charges

Man accused in foot-fetish assaults indicted on new charges
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BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The man foot-fetish related assaults in Toledo and Bowling Green is facing additional charges of abduction and sexual imposition in Bowling Green.

Joseph Jones was arrested in late April after allegedly touching a woman's hands and feet without her permission at a Bowling Green Meijer store.

According to Bowling Green police, Joseph Jones encountered a woman at the Meijer store on East Wooster Street and began complimenting her shoes. Jones eventually touched her shoes and feet.

The woman said she tried to remain "neutral" during the incident.

Police say Jones asked to see her hands then began to examine and "read" them. Then, he requested the victim to stand on her tip toes, which she did. She told police she didn't know what else to do.

The victim told the police she finally tried to end the encounter by shaking Jones's hand, but Jones did not let go. She said Jones felt her pulse then asked her to do a twirl. The victim did the twirl and broke away from Jones's grip. She claims she didn't leave the store right away out of fear.

According to police, when she did leave, the victim saw Jones slowly driving by her. She took a picture of the vehicle's license plate for police.

"Obviously if he's done this thing many, many times, there's other issues going on that would need to be addressed. And that would be done by the court, obviously. The police division wouldn't be the one that would do that. But if someone's got a habit of continuously doing the same type of offense against people, that has to be looked at." said Lt. Dan Mancuso with the Bowling Green Police Department.

Jones was charged with unlawful restriction, assault and menacing. He is being held in the Wood County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Jones was indicted Wednesday with two additional charges of abduction and sexual imposition by a Wood County grand jury. Jones received the abduction charge for his refusal to release the victim's wrist inside the store.

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