Sylvania Twp. standoff ends peacefully after almost six hours

Sylvania Twp. standoff ends peacefully after almost six hours
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - A Friday afternoon six hour standoff on Friday afternoon A standoff between Sylvania Township Police and an unidentified man inside a house ended peacefully after six hours on Friday afternoon.

The man calmly walked out of the house on Isadore Lane smoking a cigarette and was taken into custody.

Negotiators and family members convinced him to surrender.

"I think family members also expressing that they cared for him and cared for what happened to him, expressing their love caused him to come out and not take his life," said Police Chief Robert Boehme.

Police also cut a deal with the man.

Give yourself up and no charges will be filed.

"Because that was a way to negotiate, to get him out of the  house safely," said Chief Boehme.

There was relief in the air after an afternoon of tension.

Police said the man was armed and threatening to kill himself inside the house because of family issues.

He didn't live there but his mother and brother did.

They escaped earlier unharmed.

SWAT teams from Sylvania, Sylvania Township and Maumee surrounded the house ready to force him out if negotiations failed.

Neighbors were first told to stay put, but then were evacuated because of the threat of tear gas filling the air.

"Kind of crazy. I'm not allowed to leave my house then having to be evacuated is even scarier. I got kids," said one evacuee who did not want to be identified.

But there was no need for the SWAT teams to use tear gas or break down the front door.

The incident ended the way Chief Boehme hoped it would end.

"So many negative things can happen. The fact he came out peacefully was the best possible scenario," said Chief Boehme.

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