Rossford Schools seek renewal levies this May

Rossford Schools seek renewal levies this May

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - Rossford Schools are asking voters to renew two levies. Unlike November's, which was for new facilities, this one is for day to day operations and the funds are separate.

Rossford Schools is looking at two additional levies on their May ballot, but when it comes to taxes, residents are of two minds.

"It's the final piece," said Emily Klocko who has nine children in the district schools. "This is 25 percent of our budget, it's people and programs. It's a renewal so this is something that we just need to keep moving forward for the success of our town."

"I'm personally not sure how I am going to vote on this one," said Angela Shapiro, a Rossford resident. "I am very conflicted. Normally for a renewal levy it would be a no-brainer for me and I would vote yes, but in this instance, I think that we've reached kind of a breaking point for giving more taxes to Rossford Schools."

Rossford families gathered at a district fine arts show Thursday featuring student art.

On May 2, they will head to the polls for two levy renewals. Each is for 7.9 mills or $6 million towards the schools operating budget.

"We are stressing to the community these are both renewals so it's not a new tax," said Superintendent Dan Creps. "Neither one of them and there are no increases involved."

Both levies have a history of success in Rossford and if passed again would last five years. The $6 million makes up 25 percent of Rossford's operating budget and if not passed by voters would mean big cuts for the district.

"If ultimately, we would lose one or both of these it would mean significant cuts to the programming, so you're getting into staff and programs that we offer our kids," said Superintendent Creps. "We're looking again to maintain what we have now without an increase to the local taxpayer. We hope we never have to visit that type of decision."

The district is hopeful voters will support them again this spring to help keep things like their art and music programs running as successful as parents saw Thursday during the fine art night.

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