Preparing for the worst in severe weather season

Preparing for the worst in severe weather season

(WTOL) - As the spring severe weather season continues, experts are urging people prepare for the insurance woes that come after damage from a storm.

"You have the ability take pictures of these with your cell phone or whatever and upload them off sight to put them in the cloud for a future retrieval should you need them. Important papers and documents either a copy of your insurance policy and all of those types of things that  you're really going to need," said Frank DiGennaro, Regional Manager of Insurance at AAA

DiGennaro says preparing the outside of your home is as important as preparing what is inside.

"A lot of people have loose siding. We're attempting to coach our insurers up to make sure that they're taking care of that because the next big wind it may not be loose any more it may be gone," DiGennaro said.

DiGennaro also says homeowners need to make sure everything is organized before any severe weather hits.

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