Athlete of the Week: Tom Falvey and Ann Fleck

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Even as folks age, friendship hardly fades.

Ann Fleck and Tom Falvey are both 80-years-old. They were once classmates at Devilbiss High School. They also share a passion for running.

"I prefer to run alone," Falvey said. "You get the high, keeps the weight down. [It's] something I really enjoy."

Falvey will not be alone in his next run.

He, along with an old classmate, will run the half-marathon Sunday at the Glass City Marathon.

"I started later in life," Fleck said. "I didn't have all the injuries. I credit that to having better equipment."

Thousands have entered the big event. The reward is the experience.

"At the start, it's like 15, 16,000 people including spectators," Falvey said. "And at the finish line, you get to come into the 50-yard-line at the Glass Bowl."

"It's wonderful," Fleck said. "Seeing people and the fact some of your best friends are runners."

The Glass City Marathon begins Sunday morning in Toledo.

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