State to begin approving licenses for medical marijuana growth

State to begin approving licenses for medical marijuana growth

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - State leaders are taking major steps toward making Ohio a more cannabis-friendly state.

The state will begin to accept applications for large scale operations to grow medical marijuana. Ohio will issue 24 licenses to grow the drug.

And people in northwest Ohio are showing interest in grabbing one of those licenses.

"Toledo seems to be a place where people want to come and center their operations," said Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken. "My office has been contacted by three different groups that want to invest in Toledo [and] Lucas County."

Commissioner Gerken stressed these are entrepreneurs. Toledo has desirable land and zoned properly. With the proper infrastructure, it is something Gerken feels should be welcomed.

"I want them here. As long as their regulated, they follow the rules," Commissioner Gerken said. "We'll get them in the right place and we'll give them a good work force to manufacture their product."

Ohio has been slowly moving towards medical marijuana legalization and cultivation. But specific guidelines for growth operations and a licensing process makes the move to marijuana as a business look inevitable.

"We're late but we're not last. It's here. There's investment that wants to come to out city and county," Commissioner Gerken said. "We ought to take advantage of it."

The licenses will cost those who wish to obtain them.

For a level one license, which approves up to 25,000 square feet of grow space, the cost of just the application is $20,000.

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