Findlay residents can track crime using community map

Findlay residents can track crime using community map

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Findlay Police Department is using technology - that doesn't cost taxpayers a dime - to let people know where crimes are happening.

They said having an awareness of what's happening on the streets of Findlay is the idea behind the Community Watch Map.

"It's a good visual representation of what's going on in the city of Findlay, and it's a good answer to their question, 'what's going on in their neighborhood?'" said Officer Brian White, Findlay Police Department.

The crimes you see are ones officers have reports on.

"It's kind of like an awareness to see that things are happening around, where we were not aware," said Luis Baez, husband of a University of Findlay Student. "And if we can help in anyway, that's a great help for these guys."

Helping the Findlay Police Department by being extra eyes and ears on out in the community.

Officer White said this map is also a way to track down potential suspects with the help of citizens.

"People might see something and might say hey, I recognize someone that was in that neighborhood yesterday it might be pertinent information to that crime," White said. "They can call us up and reference the report number that's actually listed on that incident."

"Even though it looks like a lot ... it's pretty typical for most cities in Ohio," White explained. "Although there is a lot of information in there, you kind of have to scroll through to when it was."

To make sure this map is the most accurate, incidents are kept for 12 months. So what you're seeing is what's happened in the last year.

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