Toledo residents demanding city answer to illegal dumping issues

Toledo residents demanding city answer to illegal dumping issues
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Illegal dumping is becoming more of a problem in Toledo.

Toilets, mattresses, tires among other trash can be found throughout alleyways, especially in east Toledo.

Denise Rupp, living next to an illegal dumping site, said, "I live here, I got to live right next door to this every day, that's nasty, I have rats coming in my house."

Rupp's house is just one of the spots experience this, and it's not going away. She says she's caught people dumping trash, but they don't seem to care.

"Somebody needs to come do something," said Rupp.

That somebody trying to do something is east Toledo block watch leader Dave Shull.

"I am willing to work with the mayor, city council, code enforcement, anybody that I can work with to help my neighborhood," Dave Shull said.

At Tuesday's council meeting, both Councilwoman Lindsay Webb and Councilwoman Yvonne Harper brought up the issue.

Webb said the neighborhoods look rough and the city is dealing with a huge backlog of illegal dumping.

"The issue at the front is having the funding to clean it up and to open up the dumps a little more," Shull explained.

City council members say they are working on the issue and they know it's a huge problem.

In the meantime, Shull says if someone is dumping, do something about it.

"Get license numbers, makes, model, number of trucks and cars that come in and that are dumping and to call that in and make the report, not just to the police department but code enforcement also," Schull said.

Saturday April 22 is a scheduled cleanup day for Earth Day. Shull encourages neighbors to take part, and pick up the trash, even if it's not theirs.

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