Business celebrates "419 Day"

Business celebrates "419 Day"
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - An area code is not simply a number, it is an identity.

That identity is why one business in northwest Ohio held what they dubbed "419 Day."

Handmade Toledo was one of those businesses. The crafts shop offered a 19 percent discount for April 19.

Lindsay Akens of Handmade Toledo said Tuesday's celebration was a gesture to thank the folks who have kept them in business.

"It's been going really well. We had people lining up at the door as soon as we opened making purchases for their entire family, took pictures outside the store," Akens said. "Everyone I think was really excited to celebrate their city because it doesn't happen enough."

There will be another day to celebrate all things Toledo at Homemade Toledo on May 13. That's when the store will host a spring addition of Maker's Mart.

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