Whitehouse calls for a study on controversial speed limit sign

Whitehouse calls for a study on controversial speed limit sign

WHITEHOUSE, OH (WTOL) - The village council of Whitehouse met over a controversial State Route 64 speed limit on Wednesday.

Leadership in Whitehouse thinks that 35 miles per hour is the proper speed for that stretch of road.

A meeting was held to discuss the steps that it takes to get that speed officially in the state books.

The first step is to do a traffic study to properly define the roadway.

Leaders are confident that this area will qualify for the study, resulting in a reduction in speed.

"We want to look at how the Ohio code defines an urban district," said Mayor Don Atkinson.

"Urban district" is loosely defined in the revised code. Village leaders are confident, however, this area will qualify. That would result in a reduction in the speed limit.

"Obviously the main concern is the safety of everybody using the roadway," Mayor Atkinson said.

According to village police chief Mark McDonough, officers will not enforce a 35 mph speed limit until the study is complete. But village leaders believe there will likely not be a change in driving habits.

Mayor Atkinson says while they would like to complete the study quickly, no time line is set.

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