Homeowners raise concerns of kids jumping off cliffs at Maumee Quarry

Homeowners raise concerns of kids jumping off cliffs at Maumee Quarry

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - Law enforcement isn't trying to keep kids out of the water at the Maumee quarry.

They're just trying to keep them safe from what they can't see in the water.

Some residents who live along the quarry here in Maumee right off of Salisbury Road have growing concerns about the safety of teenagers who they believe are jumping off of the cliffs that line the quarry.

"But it's definitely raised some safety concerns," said Lt. Matt Luettke of the Lucas County Sheriff's Office. "It was brought to our attention that there's a lot of debris, unsafe debris pretty close to the surface right near there."

Lt. Luettke said last year they received 911 calls about kids jumping into the quarry and possibly trespassing.

This year they're trying to get ahead of the problem.

"We're going to try and limit that," Luettke said. "They call 911. We're going to go out. We're going to try and informational campaign. If it's youths we're going to try and contact the parents and let them know to stop their children from diving in down there that it could be dangerous or even fatal for them."

He also said the homeowners associations at the quarry will discuss other ways to prevent any sort of injuries happening here at the quarry.

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