Mock crash aimed to deter students from drinking and driving

Mock crash aimed to deter students from drinking and driving

ADRIAN, MI (WTOL) - Prom season is about to get underway, and police say it usually equals drinking for high schoolers.

Emergency responders had a reality check for Adrian High School students on Wednesday.

The school hosted a mock deadly car crash with real firefighters and EMT's responding just as they would to a real crash.

"I think it's good to see firsthand what could happen instead of chancing it," said student Aidan French.

The community came together to make a visual scene for students to try and deter kids from drinking and driving ahead of a busy prom and graduation season.

"If we have just one person who took something away from this and stays away from stupid, as I tell him, then we've made a successful season," said Adrian High School principal Kevin Orhman. 

After a helicopter flew the victims of a car crash  caused by a drunk high school student to the hospital, the scene moved to the auditorium where students watched doctors in the emergency room.

Unfortunately, the victims died in that scenario.

That led to a courtroom with a real judge and attorneys, where the driver was sentenced to nine years in prison.

"Kid's memories are short sometimes with things like this," said detective John Birdsell. "You have to remind them every so often that this is the consequences for your actions. If you choose to make bad decisions, these are the consequences that could happen for these decisions."

The message seemed to sink in.

"There's gonna be some kids out there, including us, who are really impacted by this, learning that drinking and driving can kill your
friends and it doesn't just happen to certain people. It happens to everybody," says student Alexander Robbins.

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