Autism Speaks prepares for upcoming Toledo walk

Autism Speaks prepares for upcoming Toledo walk

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In the spirit of Autism Awareness Month, the first of several meetings was held Tuesday for the upcoming "Autism Speaks" walk in downtown Toledo.

Autism Speaks services newly diagnosed families that helps them find grants, treatment, and research.

About 38 thousand children have some form of autism in Ohio.

Amy Helgeson of Autism Speaks says the organization also helps families who aren't new to autism.

"So it's not just the early diagnosis which is really important but also transition, employment, housing, some of those opportunities," said Helgeson. "If these aren't there we need to start talking about them and make it happen."

There are about 60 walks nationwide for Autism Speaks.

The Toledo walk has 11 teams and 50 walkers already signed up and will take place later this year on September 17.

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