Cancer foundation to hold "forgiveness fire" celebrating Delta woman's fight

Cancer foundation to hold "forgiveness fire" celebrating Delta woman's fight

DELTA, OH (WTOL) - A father from Delta grieving the loss of his wife to breast cancer is hoping others will join him in the fight against the disease.

Tatum Hummel was 34 when she was first diagnosed with with stage 2 Metastatic breast cancer in 2014.

She beat the disease once. But it resurfaced and passed away in August of 2016.

During her fight, Tatum battled the disease by helping other families in that fight. Now, her husband Chris is carrying on her legacy.

Hummel created Tatum United, a non-profit foundation dedicated to help breast cancer patients.

Among the plans for Tatum United is to create "chemo buddies," so patients will not have to go to treatments alone.

"And I think they feel as I do that we can really make a difference," Chris Hummel said. "We can help people have a better quality of life while they're going through this, and I truly feel that down the road we can have an impact on research. "

Hummel also wants to gather the latest information on clinical trials and new types of treatments on the Tatum United website.

Aside from accomplishing goals to improve the fight against cancer, Hummel also want honor his wife's goals.

"Especially as she got closer and closer to passing, it became obvious just how important it is to kind of leave negative things behind and kind of enjoy the positive things you have in your life," said Chris Hummel.

One of the ideas Tatum wanted to do in the final weeks of her life was a "Forgiveness Fire."

Chris is making that night a reality with a night of live entertainment, food and fun. But the night will also give people a chance to let go of things that have kept them down.

Those participating are asked to write a letter to someone or about a situation that gave them negative energy. Afterward, the paper will be burned in a fire to let go of that energy.

The Forgiveness Fire is scheduled for May 13 at the Campfire Event Center in Grand Rapids from 4 p.m. to midnight.

Tickets are $35, $65 per couple. All proceeds go to the Tatum Untied Foundation.

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