Meet Our 2017 Miracle Kids

Meet Our 2017 Miracle Kids

WTOL 11 is excited to host the annual Day of Miracles in partnership with Mercy Children's Hospital. On April 19, tune in to help us raise money for children with serious medical needs, like our five Miracle Kids.

Since she was just three months old, Sage has received treatments every three weeks for an immune deficiency that makes it difficult for her body to fight off infection.

The treatments can last up to 12 hours at a time, meaning her family spends a lot of time at St. Vincent Mercy Children's Hospital.

"We can walk into the hospital, and you can hear them down the hall saying 'there's my Sage!'" said Angie McGrady, Sage's mom.

Sage always puts on a brave face but admits the treatments can be tough. That's why the support from staff and physicians here at Mercy Health Children's Hospital, mean so much to her family - Read her full story here.

Meeting Allie today, you would never guess what the 16-year-old has been through. The teenager overcame incredible odds after a car crash led to a traumatic brain injury.

While Allie was in a coma, her family never left her side, not knowing if she would wake up.

"I said, 'If we leave, is she still going to be alive when we come back?," said Wendy Schafer, Allie's mother.

When Allie came out of her coma, she had trouble remembering anything at first, even her own family - Read her full story here.

John is just like any other three-year-old kid - learning to walk, eat and play. But for him, it takes more than one person to help him learn.

John was born premature and weighed just more than a pound.

"I don't know what I would have done without the Mercy family," said Tracy Collins, John's mom. "I mean between the hospital, the nurses, the doctors, everybody has just made it so much easier because it's a lot. It's a lot sometimes. They're always there for anything that we need."

With the help of Mercy Children's Hospital, John continues to make progress - Read his full story here.

Gavin is a fun, loving 10-year-old, but his life is far from normal. When he was born, he spent three weeks in the NICU at Mercy Children's Hospital.

He suffered a bleed on his brain which lead to a lengthy stay. He has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and alternating hemiplegia of childhood.

"He cannot be left alone, there has to be me and my husband with eyes on him, because his balancing gate is still off," said Monica McCain, Gavin's mother.

For the last six years, Gavin has used horseback riding as a form of physical and emotional therapy known as Hippotherapy - Read his full story here.

Lukas was born with a heart murmur, but his parents were told by doctors that it would go away. When he was about two months old, his parents took him to the hospital with what they thought was a minor sickness.

They found out Lukas has a chromosome abnormality that in 2008, only 100 people in the world had.

He went on to have multiple surgeries - five on his heart alone, leading to a pacemaker.

Lukas and his family have spent countless hours at Mercy Children's Hospital - Read their full story here.

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