Day of Miracles: How your gifts help

Your contributions to Mercy Health Children's Hospital benefit an array of pediatric programs and services that impact young lives battling virtually every type of childhood illness and injury.

Here are some of the ways your gifts help:

Purchase of Fetal Monitors - $330, 710

Your gifts helped us purchase 17 state of the art fetal monitors, which aided our ability to monitor the fetus while mom is resting and ambulating.

Two Thermal Regulated Omnibeds - $100,000

We were also able to purchase two additional omnibeds that allow the babies to remain in a stable temperature environment during procedures and other care treatments.

23 Special Sleeper Sofas for the Pediatric Unit and Peds ICU - $80,000

Your gifts also helped us to furnish our pediatric rooms with 23 special sleeper sofas for the parents to stay comfortably with their child.

Echocardiogram Machine - $200,000

Also a new echocardiogram machine was purchased to help us identify and monitor our pediatric patients with heart disease or heart defects.

Remodeled Family Waiting Room - $10,000

Thank you for helping us create a pediatric waiting room where families and visitors can relax and know that we are concerned about them too.

Child Life Program - $80,000

The Child Life program at Mercy Health Children's Hospital is a very important tool for decreasing the stress and trauma of hospitalization.

It's the job of some very important people, called Child Life Specialists, to find creative ways to treat the child inside the patient.Patients visit with therapy dogs, express their creativity through art, enjoy computer and video games, and engage in a variety of other fun activities!

Hippotherapy - $40,000

Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes the movement of the horse.  Your gifts helped to offset the costs of therapy and helped the patients achieve functional outcomes.

Autism Clinic - $40,000

Your gifts helped us continue to provide autism services that help children from birth through the age of 12 diagnosed with autism, learn, grow, and thrive.


From all of us at Mercy Health Children's Hospital and WTOL 11, we would like to thank you for helping us reach these goals.