Wood County Children's Services hopes to sign up more foster parents

Wood County Children's Services hopes to sign up more foster parents

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The Wood County Children's Services will have two new employees, which they hope will alleviate some of the stress in the department.

This past year, the organization took in almost 200 more children, many of them because of the opioid epidemic in the county.

"The workers will have a smaller amount of cases, and they can do more intense work with the families in hopes of getting the families the help they need," said supervisor Tonya Camden.

The organization says they also hope people will step up to be a foster parents. But those that cannot make the commitment can help in other ways.

"Finding out what things are lacking and starting a collection drive at your church. There's some things we get assistance with like food through the WICK program, but everything else is basically on foster parents," said Lexi, a single foster parent with two jobs. "It's not everybody's life and I feel like if people are waiting for that, there's so many kids who could have homes, that are good homes."

Foster parents like Lexi says those who are considering being foster parents should considering applying now.

"There aren't a lot of homes available out there," Lexi said. "If you have a good solid home, it's clean, stable, and gives a child attachment, that's the number one thing they need."

Both the Lucas County Children's Services and Wood County Children's Service urge adults to call them for question about becoming foster parent.

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