Reoccurring violence on social media to have psychological effects

Reoccurring violence on social media to have psychological effects

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - "We've become very used to seeing major violent actions on television and so it doesn't affect us as much as we may have been five years ago," said Tim Valko, an M.D. psychiatrist who believes society has become greatly desensitized to much of the violence we see.

Sunday, Facebook friends of Steve Stephens watched the video of him shooting and killing a man in Cleveland. It's unclear how many people viewed it but it is known that it has been shared many times.

In the video Stephens posted, he forced the 74 year old man to say the name of his girlfriend before shooting and killing him.

"To broadcast something so heinous as murdering people live, is it for because you want the attention, is it because you're trying to get someone's attention?"

The biggest concern Valko has is people not speaking up quickly to authorities when seeing something so violent and tragic on social media.

"Why wasn't this reported immediately to the police? Why wasn't this reported to Facebook immediately? I think it is a dulling that we have to violence. The fact that it seems to be occurring on a daily basis, it's just another incident."

The video of the killing was on Facebook for three hours before it was removed.

Local and federal law enforcement agencies across northeast Ohio are still searching for Stephens.

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