Teen accused of killing another teen to remain in custody

Teen accused of killing another teen to remain in custody

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo teen accused of killing another teen faced a judge Monday.

Police say Andrew Foster Martin, 17, was the gunman who took the life of Maumee High School student Collin Doyle at Willys Park in February.

He will remain in custody at the Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center because of this serious charge and because of his past criminal record filled with misdemeanor and felony charges.

Martin's parents had a chance to address the judge before the decision was made to keep him in custody.

"I would love for him to be released," said Kevin Martin, Andrew's father. "I know it is a serious matter. I would like to have more time with him before he faces what he is facing."

Martin asked the judge to look past his son's past and consider his mental health.

"He has very special needs and he is also easily influenced. Everything should be documented through the schools and court, everyone should know of his mental capacity," Martin said.

Despite all this, the charge is a serious one, and the prosecutor has begun the process of getting Andrew Martin certified as an adult so he can be held accountable for the crime.

"This young man will be 18 at the end of May, so the state will make a strong push to try him as an adult," said prosecutor Lori Olender.

Martin also acknowledged that two families are hurting because of what his son had done.

Doyle's grandfather was in the courtroom as well, seeking justice for his grandson's murder.

Doyle's mother also issued a statement last week that her family "will never fully recover from this, and the pain will never go away."

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