Dining out on Easter Sunday gaining in popularity

Dining out on Easter Sunday gaining in popularity

BLISSFIELD, MI (WTOL) - Hathaway House is legendary restaurant in Blissfield, Michigan that's been open since 1963.

Over the years, owners have noticed one big change.

More people are going out on Easter Sunday.

"A lot of them think it would just be nice to just go out and be served instead of having to make food and do the cleanup and set up," said Aimee Weeber of the Hathaway House.

Most recent figures from the National Restaurant Association back that up.

Thirty three million folks will dine out on Easter Sunday.

Forty eight percent of them choose their favorite restaurant for their holiday meal at a place like the Hathaway House.

"Because it's elegant here. Easy on us. Fun to see the wait staff," said diner Mary Gregg.

Over the years, owners say they've seen an uptick in Easter Sunday business.

When it comes to holidays, Mother's Day is still tops, followed by Thanksgiving, Easter Sunday, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day.

"We used to have a lot of families with children in their Sunday best. Don't see that as much anymore. Now it's more smaller families, 2-3-4," said Mary Weeber of the Hathaway House.

Like Mary and Orrin Gregg, who brought their grandson.

"My wife doesn't have to cook, the house isn't in disarray and I don't have to do the dishes," said Mr. Gregg.

Which makes for a happy Easter celebration.

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