Beware of scam IRS calls ahead of tax day

Beware of scam IRS calls ahead of tax day

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Tax Day is quickly approaching, and that means more scam IRS calls to your phone.

Billions of recorded messages or robo calls are made monthly, with victims falling for schemes daily.

One local woman says she's learned her lesson after almost falling victim to identity theft.

Gabriele Porter lives in Perrysburg Township and says she received five IRS scam calls in one day.

"I blocked the first number because I googled it and the first thing that came up was that it's an IRS scam," said Porter.

After missing them all, she decided to call the number from Florida back.

"I was nosey and that's usually what gets me in trouble is my curiosity," said Porter. "But I decided I'm going to answer it because I wanted to hear what the people had to say, what happens and they weren't very smart."

She told them during her brief chat to, "Quit scam calling me!"

The Better Business Bureau says the IRS rarely calls you.

"Most of the time when you hear from the IRS it's a letter," said Richard Eppstein, President of the BBB. "It's not a phone call, it's certainly not out of the blue, we're coming to get you and arrest you because you owe us money. That's ridiculous."

The BBB suggests you research the call, warn others if it is a scam, and be vigilant. They say don't send money and if you have questions call their office at 419-531-3116.

The Better Business Bureau also has tools online to help protect you like their Scam Tracker.

"The best way to handle an IRS call is just ignore it," said Eppstein. "Just hang up on them if you answer the phone or if you get a message that's the IRS calling you just ignore it."

Gabriele said she has downloaded a caller ID and recording app for the next time a scammer tries to make her a victim to their scam.

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